A sample of 21 testimonials from written comments from attendees of presentations by Rich Michi.


1) "I was impressed by RICH'S UNIQUE CONTENT AND HIS DYNAMIC DELIVERY. It was steak and sizzle. Educational and entertaining. And funny." Ted T.

2) "VERY WELL DONE! Lots of good food for thought and action." Don K.

3) "Your seminar was very informative and BETTER THAN ANY I've attended." Stan J.

4) "This class by Richard Michi, J.D., is the MOST INFORMATIVE CLASS I have been PRIVILEGED to attend." Donald P.

5) "Very thorough and INSIGHTFUL presentation." Lee M.

6) "MOST INFORMATIVE seminar we have attended." Gene J.

7) "Very informative seminar. A+++ Very knowledgeable speaker." Robert S.

8) "Mr. Michi's knowledge of the subject was AMAZING." Joan C.

9) "You are a MARVELOUS SPEAKER." Frank R.

10) "What a WONDERFUL GIFT you are!" Joanne M.

11) "GREAT INFORMATION. Job well done." Robert P.


13) "It's a PLEASURE to have had the opportunity to participate in this program." Edmund B.

14) "I appreciated your straight-forward approach. I like YOUR CREATIVITY." Lance R.

15) "EXCELLENT PRESENTATION; very knowledgeable about the topics. Very enlightening and informative." Pierre H.

16) "GREAT GRAPHICS. Excellent oral presentation." Edward J.

17) "Very interesting. I could listen for a much longer time. Very good presentation and a VERY PERSONABLE SPEAKER." Aleta E.

18) "Rich has me 'MESMERIZED' and I could listen for hours." Sherri A.

19) "Was informative, LUCID & ENTERTAINING. Made time fly by." David W.

20) "Very informative. COULD LISTEN TO HIM FOR HOURS. Enjoyed seminar very much." Ann M.

21) "GREAT INFORMATION. Wish we had more time for the presentation." Sherry M.

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