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“Plan, Negotiate and Close Your Most Lucrative, Must-Win B2B Deals Without the Usual Stress and Sleepless Nights and With More Confidence Than Ever…

By Participating in Rich Michi’s Unique, Breakthrough Negotiation Programs…

By Using His Most Closely Guarded Negotiation and Business Secrets

To Totally Transform Your Business and Your Life”


Selected Media Appearances of Rich Michi

“Attorney and CPA Rich Michi is ‘The Negotiating Magician.’”

I’ve argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and most major courts and was on the management committee at a law firm with more than 300 lawyers. Nevertheless, when I had a personal matter that needed to be negotiated, I hired Rich. He negotiated and closed a deal for 25 times more than the major corporation had offered to me."

- Frank Heap, Attorney and CPA

“Retaining Rich was a fabulous return on investment.”

“I retained Rich to negotiate a matter with a Wall Street investment firm. Because of Rich’s creative and consummate negotiating talents and business judgment, the result was a settlement for an amount we hadn’t even imagined was possible.”

- Ted Thompson, CFO for 11 years, Grant Thornton Worldwide, one of the 10 largest CPA firms in the world


I’m Rich Michi. For more than 45 years, I’ve been 1) a business negotiator, 2) a businessman starting, buying, managing, and selling companies, and 3) a licensed attorney and CPA in the state of Illinois who lives in the Chicago area.

I don’t practice law or accounting for my business clients I represent when I sit at the negotiation table, or for my business clients I coach behind the scenes when they sit at the negotiation table. I structure and negotiate only the business aspects of deals rather than the legal aspects.

I’ve negotiated deals throughout the United States and internationally on behalf of my business clients who are:

Billionaires….so-called “fractional billionaires”.… Fortune 500 CEOs.… senior partners from the largest law firms and CPA firms in the world…. as well as superstar Grammy Award winners who have quoted me in their autobiographies…and lots of less famous but wonderful clients such as owners and executives of small and medium-size corporations and sales professionals. Some of these people, who are quoted in the Results section of this website, have called me:

  • “A Master Negotiator and Businessman”
  • “A Virtuoso Negotiator”
  • “A Grandmaster Chess Player”
  • “The Negotiating Magician”
  • “A Brilliant Negotiator”
  • “The Negotiating Maestro”

Those remarks are very generous, and I’ve worked very hard to gain extraordinary results for my clients. I hope you will be my next success.

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"21 Critical Points You Must Know Before Your Next Must-Win Business Negotiation:

How to prepare the negotiating table and what to do when you sit at it - based on my 40 years of business negotiation experience." By Rich Michi, J.D., CPA
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