What Rich’s Clients Say About the Results He Negotiated for Them

“Attorney and CPA Rich Michi is ‘The Negotiating Magician.’”

“I’ve argued cases before the United States Supreme Court and most of the major courts in the U.S. and was on the management committee at a law firm with more than 300 lawyers. Nevertheless, when I had a personal financial matter that needed to be negotiated, I hired Rich Michi. He negotiated a deal for 25 times more than the major corporation offered to me."

- Frank Heap, Attorney and CPA



"Retaining Rich was a fabulous return on investment.”

“I retained Rich to negotiate a matter with a Wall Street investment firm. Because of Rich’s creative and consummate negotiating talents and business judgment, the result was a settlement for an amount we hadn’t even imagined was possible."

- Ted Thompson, Chief Financial Officer for 11 years for Grant Thornton, LLP., one of the ten largest accounting firms in the world



"Rich Michi is a master negotiator and businessman.”

“I saw Rich at work when the economy turned for the worse and a major investment of my group was in jeopardy. Rich negotiated for us, and because of his expertise, acumen and tenacity, the investment was sold at a substantial profit."

- Marvin Stern, President, Fortune 100 Corporation



“Rich is a brilliant negotiator.”

“I was in a series of business meetings with Mr. Michi at a major Park Avenue law firm. There were no doubts in the minds of the lawyers in attendance that Rich was thoroughly familiar with an incredibly complex matrix of business issues. Benefiting from his dual degrees as an attorney and CPA, Rich was indispensable in formulating the issues and securing cooperation and agreement on matters that might have become contentious. As a result of his negotiating skills, we were able to achieve a result that went far beyond our expectations.

- Robert Ungaro, Attorney, Ungaro and Cifuni, New York



"Rich is a virtuoso negotiator."

“After my husband Charles Mingus died, I was introduced to the business world of music. I’ve used the services of Rich Michi countless times to negotiate contracts with venues, record companies, and advertising agencies, and for numerous other matters. He’s been my negotiator for more than 30 years, and his problem-solving abilities still astonish me.”

- Sue Mingus, Executive Director, Let My Children Hear Music: The Sue and Charles Mingus Institute; Artistic Director of the Grammy Award-winning Mingus Big Band; Author, Tonight at Noon: A Love Story (2002)



"Rich Michi is like a grandmaster chess player."

“As an attorney and dentist in a legal practice that represents only dentists, I negotiate legal but not business issues for my dental clients. For example, I don’t tell them the price or financial terms to offer when buying a dental practice, but I do provide them with certain legal protections such as warranties, representations, and indemnities from the selling dentist. When I need to negotiate business matters for myself, I avoid the root canals of frustrating negotiations by calling Rich Michi."

He is a professional negotiator and businessman who has an uncanny ability to anticipate the likely moves and counter-moves, questions and objections, and the reasons for each. And I know that agents negotiate better deals than their principals because agents are more objective and dispassionate; because agents don’t have full authority to make concessions, they make fewer and smaller concessions. So I want Rich to do the strategizing and speaking while I avoid the ancient adage, ‘If you represent yourself, you have a fool for a client.’”

- Dr. Petra von Heimburg, D.D.S., J.D.



Rich Michi is the ‘Negotiation Maestro.’"

"When I have major contractual matters that need to be negotiated, I immediately call Rich to represent me. He is as meticulous and detailed in preparing for a negotiation as I am in preparing an aria: note-by-note.

- Jennifer Larmore, Grammy Award-winning international opera star and the most recorded mezzo-soprano in history; Author, Una Voce: The Drama in Opera, both Onstage and Off, (2015)



“Rich does many things extremely well. He has excellent judgment.”

“I enjoyed working with Rich because he was intelligent and diligent in his analysis, as well as creative in the manner in which he thought about ways to solve problems. I also appreciated that he looked beyond the immediate question to the broader problems of a transaction.”

- Arthur S. Rollin, Attorney and CPA, Head of the Tax Department at the Chicago offices of law firms Mayer Brown and (subsequently) Skadden Arps



“Rich Michi is extremely knowledgeable about law and very savvy about business.”

“I have been a practicing attorney in Chicago and Dallas for more than 30 years, have written more than 50 articles in major legal publications, and have worked on legal matters with extraordinary lawyers and clients. Rich Michi is extremely knowledgeable about law and very savvy about business, and those qualities put him in a very small and distinguished group. Thank goodness I’ve never sat at a negotiation table only to discover Rich on the other side.”

- James A. Knox, Attorney, Zurich North America

In 1978, at the age of 30, Rich Michi negotiated and closed with three parties the complicated tax-free exchange of the major properties described above.

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