Customized Speaking Presentations

Presentations include 45-60 minute keynote addresses, concurrent session seminars of 2-3 hours, and moderating and facilitating panel discussions.

At conferences Rich can be involved in several presentations on the same day, such as to deliver a keynote address and to present a breakout session, to participate in a panel discussion, or to moderate a panel. This allows you to receive a reduction in the fee for the additional engagements and to save the travel expenses you would have incurred for additional speakers. It also allows the audience members to ask Rich questions between events and know that Rich is there to help them improve their negotiation skills and not there just to pick up a speaker’s fee and disappear.

Rich's services are not an expense but an investment. Rich's obligation is to give you a great return on your investment in each of his services, which pay for themselves immediately and exponentially, year-after-year, and add substantial value to your company or organization.

When hired, the following will be emailed to you: Rich’s short biography and photos for your brochure, Rich's Pre-Event Questionnaire so he can learn more about your organization and audience and can customize the presentation, and the introduction to be read before his presentation.

Engagements are being booked for 2020 through 2023. For further information and to reserve your dates, Tell Me More.


Here are just 10 succinct comments attendees have written about Rich and his presentations, with certain words we have emphasized:

1. “You are a MARVELOUS SPEAKER. Frank R.


3. “What a WONDERFUL GIFT you are!” Joanne M.

4. “I was impressed by Rich’s UNIQUE CONTENT AND DYNAMIC DELIVERY. It was steak and sizzle. Educational and entertaining. And funny. Ted T.

5. “The presentation was excellent and the POWERPOINT PROVIDED EXCELLENT ILLUSTRATIONS.” Carroll H.

6. “Was informative, LUCID & ENTERTAINING. Made time fly by.” David W.

7. “I appreciated your straight-forward approach. I like YOUR CREATIVITY.” Lance R.

8. “Very informative. COULD LISTEN TO HIM FOR HOURS. Enjoyed seminar very much.” Ann M.

9. “GREAT GRAPHICS; excellent oral presentation.” Edward J.

10. “Very interesting. I could listen for a much longer time. Very good presentation and a VERY PERSONABLE SPEAKER.” Aleta E.



These presentations are appropriate for annual conferences, regional meetings, association programs, executive retreats, and more.

1. “Why 'Win-Win' Negotiating Doesn’t Work in Today’s Hyper-Competitive World: Savvy Negotiation Secrets from a Veteran Negotiator/Attorney/CPA/to Earn A Fortune in Your Next Negotiation (or Avoid Leaving One On The Table)”

2. “How to Make A Fortune Before You Ever Sit at The Negotiating Table: Exceptionally Shrewd and Wise Planning and Deal-Structuring Ideas for Your Next Negotiation”

3. “They Tried TO DO WHAT at The Negotiation Table? Anticipating and Countering the Most Duplicitous Traps, Tricks, Tactics, and Techniques of The Other Side”

4. “The Most Common (And Costly) Mistakes Made by Negotiators, and How to Be Sure You Don't Make Them Again”

To discuss dates and speaking presentations with Rich, Tell Me More.

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